elephantus a camera

by S.P.R.Y. feat. Invisible H

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Composed on an original Gameboy using LSDJ and accompanied by mouth sounds.


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


S.P.R.Y. Cincinnati, Ohio

S.P.R.Y. is an experimental electronica/chiptune artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He makes his music with LSDJ and other various techniques. Please visit S.P.R.Y. at his other websites below.

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Track Name: shocker!
Let’s start it off with shots of Jagermeister
Try not to cough, there’s water in your eyes, sir
Then pretty often, we’re quaffing on some Kraken
It does the trick if your BAC is lacking

And eats you whole, like the men at sea you heard about
Good for the soul, but the liver might get murdered now
You’re in control, you’re expressing your preference
I’m guessing you might try undressing and sex

… Sometimes vodka’s the right stage
Or gin if you’re finicky, beer if you’re underage
… I went under for Lent
Now I’m wondering where all my underwear went

… I got drunk in a tent
Then blundered around in the desert with no sense
… No direction or water
The air just got drier, the sun just got hotter

Then I munched on some mushrooms with Germans
And Russians shared vodka and I kept on learning
And soon I knew why furries had such long tails
Fish swam on by with rudders and sails

… Plus I drink in Kentucky
I meet sexy women and sometimes get lucky
… we can’t be related
They look at my skin tone and like to debate it

Meanwhile, I just try to stay faded
Freestyle, I get high and elated
These wild days just keep getting better
And when it gets cold - shoulda brought a sweater

… I don’t like to play silly games
But I might try to get real on your willing aim
The billing came, and you’re in the red
So this is the week I can only get head


It won’t matter if I roll a fatter J
Smoke that shit up and yell shocker!
Like a Mormon, I’m latter day
Put down your ring finger - shocker!
It don’t matter what bladders say
Drink up another and shocker!
Like you’re gay at a Cabaret
Throw your head back and sing shocker!


I can’t find the words to express
The lurch in my chest when you stop to caress me
But stupidly, I’ll just keep swerving and babbling
Not sure exactly where we plan on traveling

I’m not mad at all, I just need
Some catastrophes and a fancy ball
I danced against the wall or not at all
Until I grew, I now understand why a man stands tall

… Or demands like Wall Street
I won’t sway in the wind like some tall trees
I’ll stay rooted to my complete lack of empathy
Swallow another pill to knock sense into me

Defensively, I flip flop my hip hop
Then spit tracks at riff-raff til they say my shit’s hot
Then get rocks and smoke them, just kidding, crack’s wack
It’s boring - get pure-cut cocaine and snort that

.. I’m a mess like Rorschach
But close doors like I want more than a Snorlax
Or pour some performance like honey on toast
Adoring fans storm the man who is the most

Was that shit just too nineties?
My bad, sometimes I forget to mind read
I just climb trees as a euphemism
But I’m finding it easier than stupid missions

Now don’t let your close bets go under
Just grease a few palms and be calm
It’s no wonder you’re never a man of decisive precision
And now the tide’s risen and you’re missing it

I’m slick as shit when it comes to the business
Of winning and bipolar illness
I’m stylish like prisms refracting your vision
So break up the party like fission


I like phones where I can replace batteries
Fuck all the fanboys, shocker!
You’re alone if you think that it matters, hey,
All I can say is, shocker!
You think you can sway me with flattery?
Fuck your ass-kissing, Shocker!
I’m unraveling and I’ll get mad today
Then I’ll man up and I’ll shocker!


I get crunked, don’t let punks get hipster
We’ll slam dunk their hat in a pitcher
Then dance on their girl and drink quicker
The bartender fixes a mixed drink and licks fingers

… I’m not whistling Dixie here
But I might find me some dime chicks and disappear
I’ll combine them and we’ll form the Megazord
Travel through time until mine and your legs are sore

… I’m hung like a stegosaurus
Osmosis like membranes are porous
Of course, you might want to wield the Force
We’ll resort to the feeling of no remorse

… I’ll compose myself properly
Kiss my dog, pet my wife, sail on an odyssey
There’s no stopping me when my mind’s made up
I drink wine and think lesser men would be sated

… I don’t want to erase facts
Or rearrange monogrammed souvenir place mats
I’m just thinking you might reconsider
I’m wasted and wasting time’s making me sicker

I faceplant on structured formality
No way that guy gets paid a salary
Hooray, my mind’s placid and normally
I wouldn’t mind if you greeted me formally

This time there’s no time to waste talking
Get shitfaced and piss breaks will happen less often
My mistake was that last shot of Cuervo
And this grape blunt might make it go turbo

… Get the last word and bounce quick
And never mind who tipped the greatest amount, dick
Just act natural, grab her ass as you leave
Plastered and naturally she’s a masterpiece


It won’t matter if I roll a fatter J
Smoke that shit up and yell shocker!
Like a Mormon, I’m latter day
Put down your ring finger - shocker!
It don’t matter what bladders say
Drink up another and shocker!
Like you’re gay at a Cabaret
Throw your head back and scream shocker
I like phones where I can replace batteries
Fuck all the fanboys, shocker!
You’re alone if you think that it matters, hey,
All I can say is, shocker!
You think you can sway me with flattery?
Fuck your ass-kissing, Shocker!
I’m unraveling and I’ll get mad today
Then I’ll man up and I’ll shocker!
Track Name: Icarus
While hovering on feathered wings, a better sting operation
His battered visage and sadder wishes like divine instrumentation
Dedicated to the goal, eddies of smoke vaporized and diffused
He medicated his soul with red pills when it was time to choose
If you walked in his shoes, you'd out-dance the Blues Brothers with the funk
He bruises and bleeds like a typical human hiding evidence in the trunk
His attitude stunk but his countenance shone, glowing in a cloudless sky
To get a flatter view of a mountain, he hones his skill and is proud to fly
Above the trees and in the jet stream, he’s in a wet dream that stays dry
He bends at the knees on a set piece, launching himself without wondering why
Blundering among thunder and lightning, disarming or at least sundering armor
Determined to rescue his archetype princess before the villain harms her

Farming for loot and the spoils of war, he toils evermore on an epic journey
He enjoys it more when the peasants are screaming "please don't burn me"
"It doesn't concern me" he says, providing he pauses to speak
He determines his path of attack like a dragon with claws and teeth
Off the wagon this week, he's dragging his feet while stabbing methodically
With a flagon of mead, he batters repeatedly, staggers hypnotically
Stopping only to breathe, not sure what he believes but sure it's blasphemy
Popping valium or adderall so he can increase his mastery
No dastardly villain's willing or able enough to spill his blood
Disaster is imminent while the killing simmers and fizzles out like duds
Missing strikes and easy hits, legitimacy can't be bought for cash
He likes the bloodlust, a beserker rage within which he can flail and thrash
He's failing fast but turns tail to recover and stash some loot
Debating equipment from his inventory but soon the point is moot
He just points and shoots, soon the bodies are piling up into twitching mounds
He destroys the truth, hearing it scream and he finds he loves the way it sounds

Deployed like a nuke, he soars inexorably to his target's destination
Knowing that in the case of a water landing, no device can provide flotation
He chose a vocation of slaughter, he lost his pride and laudability
Traded it in for a sword and the drive to demolish his eternal enemies
… By his own accord he can slay the demonic assembly
And he's chronically tending to his wounds and the rust and the blood on his helmet
If he's strong enough, he might end his story and live long enough to tell it
But for now, he relishes it, developing skill that needs no embellishment
Track Name: Dare
This is the good ship lifestyle, my style’s wild now
Put it in a silo, tower like a high cloud
Wait while my flow control slow like the Nile
Let me see a tight dime trolling on my profile

I’m a be a slow while till I holler back
I’m a little too permissive with my visceral attack
Now you’re smitten with my words that I’ve written with a good buzz
Sitting like a perched bird, listen like a kitten does

Wishing for a little signal indicating interest
I could be your bad boy, you could be my pimpstress
Hate to make you sad, but I’m only here to mince words
Tossing hilarious phrases like the way a prince serves

I could be your minstrel, you could be my muse
I’m half tempted, but my attempt is sure to lose
I’m a send sensitivity, surrender my senses
Seem unseemly and attend the events

I’m supposed to, sometimes I wish I were free
Some days I take the path right in front of me
One way or another, how gladly I flee
I would rather sing badly than wait patiently

I hate to be mean but I love your reaction
I make wicked dreams into real daytime passion
But wait - my retreat is completely required
I’ve eaten my feet and I’m beaten and tired


Stuck on a shelf gathering dust, the ladder is stuck
And the battle doesn't matter 'cause paralysis struck
I'm madder than fuck and down on my luck and my bucks
I turn down the basis 'cause the foundation sucks

Disgraced enough and now it's time to hit the limelight
Replaced and stuffed in the closet so it's out of sight
My face is a bluff and I can't wait 'til I poke her
I erase my disgust, hold my palms out to stroke her

But the bombs already dropped and the artifacts are shattered
Does it matter if my heart's on my sleeve or on a platter?
If I'm sadder, you can watch me dim like a Lite Brite
I might fight despite the delightful gin we drink tonight

It's a sight better but a hearing diminished
Until you finish the letter and send it perniciously
And Guinness pours down, flowing like wine from a statue
I pat you down flaccidly whenever I catch you

But you're running away, and you disappear around the corner
I'm stunned and dismayed at your borderline disorder
Though you won the battle today, the war is far from over
And I wonder what way you'll choose to get sober this time

I didn't put it all on the line
Like a spider weaving silk, my willpower's all fine
You spilled over the milk, now it's pooling in a land mine
Like a stillborn, never had a single thought on your mind


Made a fundamental blunder and I wonder if the consequence
Will be to me hypnotically underneath the sort of non-events
To let a better veteran slather me with condiments
It's wetter under umbrellas when trendsetters stretch longer cents into dollars

It doesn't make sense to wail and holler
I’m intense but I’m not living in tents, that’d be squalor
I’m inventive and spend all my cash on drugs and sex
Because they don’t take credit card yet

I won’t let it get me down like clown chowder
Command the ones who stand around and scream louder
One man can’t stand against an army
But I’ll tend to my flock until they alarm me

Pathetic like with pathos, not with pity, that’s shitty
I’m quite witty but don’t be quick to forget me
I’m sick and I’m filthy and wistfully wilted
Your growth will be stultified, mine will be stilted

I’m limpid, like glimmering pools in elven forests
And a simple fool like you seems like a tourist
Affordable rent and a view of the city
Don’t shit me, that shit ridiculous, come and get me

It’s fun to set ridiculous as a precedent
I’m hellbound and heaven-sent
I expound like the main event
I pronounce nouns and mouth sounds irreverent
And then I refuse to repent
Track Name: pugstyle
My terse verbs can blur words and proverbs like monsters
I prefer the term nerf-herder to burglar
I stir fry hot licks like chopsticks would not fix my problems
I'm Hans Blix, and your country's awesome

I'm not fixed, I'm fertile and I’m sowing my semen and leaving
My motto is stop disbelieving
I'm leaving for good
The meaning is unseemly, so steam fills my windshield, careening

Discreetly we cheat fellow travelers
I speak tongues, like building the tower of Babylon
Unraveling yarn like cat paws with slack jaws
Iraq caused a fat lot of problems

I'm mad but I'm crackling oats, crossing moats
Following boats to sea and swallowing pills
I'm hollow, but don't float with daffodils
I'm baffled still, I can't make the shackles real


I pack my bills away, but they come back to haunt me at night
I flaunted my health like a bagpipe
I want something else to ponder the shelf life
I'm weak at the knees, I believe in myself, lies!

... I'm completely aside from the third wall
My bird call echoes like church virgins and alert vermin
They squirt firmly, dessert's served, don't start squirming
I'll confirm what the words mean

When the stern hand of a learned man can linger for decades
We'll confer standing, balanced on Segways
I'll send praise from on high and down below the valley of death
I won't stand in the alleyway

I'll hurt manners with burnt standards and take ganders inappropriately
I'm smoking intermittently
Don't provoke me to simulate irony or I'll be silent
You'll stare at the clock and wonder where the time went


My mind bent like light rays in gravity wells
I'm fine, to the extent that it sells
I'm online, but don't find the right account
Or I'll trouble you like love can do

Like George W, my stubble is endearing
The Hubble can't focus on my sneer or it shatters
I fear the grey matter that lives in the back of my mind
I execute hacks like flashbacks in time

I'm back on the grind, or off, who can tell?
I find better methods of going to hell and it's going swell
I'll never surrender
I'll never demand we all understand

I wonder, what's the timeline of events
When is the past and present tense irrelevant?
We're in the room, no elephant presence commanding our attention or a tenth of it

I spent a bit too much the other night
I lent my best friend a dollar and he went off the wagon
I’m lagging behind in completeness
But I won’t match discreet phrases with feeble weakness

I’m elite like the neat freaks who love Jesus
Teething like weaning infants from wet nurses
I set verses to rhythm and dissect melody like a felon
I’m Dr Scholl and I’m gellin’

I’m on parole and I’m telling you, there’s no reason to squeeze like lemon juice
I sent you a mental boost
I directed my lens to compress light into violence
I’m still holding out for the silence
Track Name: Googol
Take off your pants, it's time to jump around
Demand we understand the soul beneath the sound
I came to rock and you're invited to the party
Just don't unlock the liquor cabinet, hands off the Bacardi

I'm not your bodyguard, I'm a celebrity
You seem ridiculous, don't try to step to me
My mind's meticulous and I provide the remedy
You might be sick of this, but there's no telling me

I'm quicker than a six sigma fixing your issues
I'm liquid like mixers distributed in test tubes
My chest moves from the force of my diaphragm
I rescue cats with trees like a fireman

Can't outsmoke me, no one's higher than
The most ridiculous verses that are spiraling
Into the void, steal your pizza like the Noid
Make a feature request for app on Android

You can't avoid me, my flow is omnipresent
Don't make a noise, you'll crash like nine eleven
If I'm annoyed, my words become my weapon
You'll be destroyed like a boy in the Old Testament

… Don't test my patience
I won't hesitate to create a basis
To debate whether fate coincides with destiny
When I change the future, what will the lesson be?

I'm less than three with nerds in ASCII
I surf for perverseness, clever and nasty
I burn down your turf with my Elder Wand
And assert my dominion to quell the throng

I could sell a song to a hungry bard
Cast a spell so long it leaves spirit shards
Ring the bell and the gong when you hear my name
Now it's well past time for the first refrain, it goes


I build the system and you're just the user
I craft the logic and you get confused-er
My skills are magic and you're a civilian
I am a googol while you're just a million


I am the alpha, omega and delta
I came to play Sega and then rescue Zelda
… I charge up like Mega Man
Unleashing unforeseen pain like a Lego can

…So just leggo my Eggo
My ego you're grepping is big like a preggo
… I'm the greatest of thieves
And the hearts that I've stolen, I wear on my sleeve

.. I'm the rarest of these
Comparatively unembarrassed reprieves
From crooning and three chord progressions for naptime
I'm not John Mayer and this here is rap time

.. I Game Genie your girl
Then we Action Replay until her toes curl
I snag all your data and cache it securely
Call you Sony 'cause you hide it so poorly

Don't send a decoy, I won't be fooled
Like Leonard Nimoy, I keep it cool
Just like a steel toe, I make it get heavy
Then crush my opponents before they get ready

I played cassettes steady, but now it's digital
Some people get petty, but I stay literal
I'd rather get Betty than a Veronica
Rather smoke trees with Phoebe than get down with Monica

… Not the leader you wanted
I laugh in your face when you tell me shit's haunted
… I won't meet your demands
But I'll streamline procedures according to plan

You dreamed of a demon, and now I've arrived
Don't even demean yourself acting surprised
I mean what I say and I settle my debts
I'm an evil dark wizard, don't ever forget that


I build the system and you're just the user
I craft the logic and you get confused-er
My skills are magic and you're a civilian
I am a googol while you're just a million
Track Name: primate trade
My name’s Invisible H and I’m nerdcore
The second world war won’t compare once you’ve heard more
I rock into the mic even though nobody listens
I stream live on the Internet my rhymes and my bitchin’

So don’t get out of the kitchen ‘cause I ain’t bring the heat yet
The ladies get excited and they’re gettin’ their seats wet
The latest and the brightest form a fuckin’ elite set
It’s plain that I get highest when I smoke with the whole net

The tamest of the lions and the fiercest of foes
And you know I don’t complain if I can eat sloppy joes
I’m quite insane but not quite famous and I think that it shows
I’m like the lamest of the flyest like a speaker from Bose

But now you’re asking me a question - what does nerdcore mean?
The nerds have come to represent and wipe the slate clean
The words I say are eloquent and the subjects are mean
The notions that I use are rational but often obscene

The nerds have been around for years but afraid
That the quest for intelligence might leave them betrayed
It’s like a game that don’t make sense, and so nobody plays
It’s fuckin’ lame that girls don’t dig us until we get paid

We spend hours on computers playing first person shooters
But don’t sour on our sweetness because you’re just a noob
Yeah, we devour information and then run it through our buffers
Stacks of data flow through catacombs but we never suffer

No, we’re lovers and we’re fighters but we’re better as well
Yeah, we built the Internet on chips from Intel
But now we roll with AMD when it’s time to upgrade
And then we charge you a markup because that’s how we get paid

Hey, what can I say? I fix computers for fun
I’ll hack your Gibson in a minute, smoke some pot when I’m done
Yeah, I could take away the viruses, but only for a price
You people’d never get shit done if nerds weren’t so nice

Invisible H, attack with critical haste
I came to shit on your face, disgrace you like a pitiful waste
Too little, too late, permitted a taste and spit up
Like a baby, committed to bite your mom's tit up

Now sit up and listen, you're out of commission
So quit your pouting and bitching or you'll be left without a pot to piss in
Or pot to smoke, it's not a joke
You'll stop and choke with my fat cock down your throat

You clowns are broke in intellectual capital
Not down to smoke? Fine, but why then attack us all?
Your back's against the wall, but I'm appalled at your demeanor
It seems you have big balls, but it's just your tiny wiener

And your mom's online - you see her when she rode on the Bang Bus?
She's not that fine, but she loves the way that I hang nuts
On a Christmas tree, they're roasted and she toasted me with whiskey
Before she crawled to me on her knees and tried to kiss me

But fuck that, I don't want to taste hobo spunk
I'd rather smoke with r/trees and get robo-crunked
Your ho loves chunking, but I won't touch her skank cheese
That pussy smells funkier than soking on some dank trees

So I spank these trifling-ass hoes 'til they behave
Get down on some hanky panky like I roll at a rave
Roll the stone away from the cave and step into the sunlight
You're moaning at the way that I fuck and make you cum right

Someone might question what lessons I have to teach
They'll regret their transgression when I extend my rach
The sex tends to be direct and oblique
Dissect trends to rend rednecks obsolete

Don't speak, unless prepared to have your words crucified
You shouldn't dare be unprepared because the herald's arrived
My druid bear is specced feral and you should be terrified
As you're aware, you should be wary 'cause I wear a disguise

You tear at your eyes when blinded by the truth I present
You cats act goofy like the movie but you lack the content
I'm like a lunatick, I'll school you on the laws of consent
While I produce the juice I'm shooting with malicious intent

I'm viciously bent and ready to increase potency
Committing crimes involving high levels of dopamine
You spoke to me, but I am sorry, I didn't hear you
Invisible H, I'm here, and you should fear, dude